The Most Unique, Mysterious Forests in the World

The woods have been the setting of countless fairytales and legends over the ages. The hidden mystery of these natural gems make them ideal scenery for stories about fairies, knights and wicked witches. If you fantasize about disappearing into an enchanting sylvan world, consider visiting these five unique forests.


When you think of a forest, you probably picture tall, thick trees that reach to the sky. This is the case in Arashiyama, but those trees are bamboo! From the middle of the verdant grove, everything is washed in a green tint, like an Instagram filter in real-time. You will truly feel like you’re in a different world when you visit this magical forest in western Kyoto, Japan.

Crooked Forest

In northwest Poland, there’s a forest with 400 pine trees, all bent like hooks at the trunk. While no one knows how they got that way, some think they were bred to bend in the same direction years ago, for use in boats or furniture. Others believe some rapturous weather pattern caused the uniform bending. Either way, if you want to see something that is as mysterious as it is beautiful, Crooked Forest is a can’t-miss.

Red Forest

What happens when a nuclear meltdown forces inhabits to leave an area forever? The rarely-visited Red Forest is a nearby side-effect of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. True to its name, the flora of this radioactive woods–from the leaves of the trees to the plants in the ground–are red as blood. Despite the radiation that lingers in the forest’s soil, this natural beauty has given refuge to many wild animals.


The Ardennes is a perfect forest for history buffs to visit. Spanning the border of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, these woods were the site of many battles in the past. Today, it’s a lush green forest that’s home to music festivals and outdoor sports.

Dark Entry Forest

Dudleytown, Connecticut is a fabled ghosttown that, years ago, was swallowed by surrounding trees. While the disappeared village has never been found, the forest that surrounds it, Dark Entry Forest, is now private property. There is little evidence to prove that this forest is as scary as its name or lore would suggest.

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